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Review: Heroes

Posted by palmer on 2006-10-02 08:11:08
2 forum posts
My friend had suggested this show because she knew I am a fan of the comic books. She called this 'a believable X-Men'. It started up really good and I could tell that they really had the comic book in mind when filming the series with the quick pans to action and the focus on character's faces.

After watching this show I have to say it's probably my fave of the new batch of shows for the season. This show is AMAZING! It's not geeky, it's a good drama that would rope the comic book hater in. It all revolves around how geneticists say that humans are evolving and they don't know how (aka into mutants), but they'll have random powers like teleportation, the power of flight, etc. There is a solar eclipse in the first episode which may or may not be the catalyst for these super powers.

An interesting part of the show is that on their website, they go a little further into the story (making it MORE than a show) as they have some graphic novels showing what happened to some of the characters before arriving on the show, as well as a blog of one of the characters. If anyone has the time for it, the high interactivity level of TV shows is impressive nowadays.

The cast is amazing and you can't go wrong with Ali Larter as some lady with some crazy superpowers. I also like how they mix 'believers' of super powers (the people who seem fine with them and actually LOVE IT) with the rest of the cast who hate their newfound powers and wish they could stop.

Two big thumbs up for this series. Probably going to be my fave of the year. I was speaking to a few other people here at work and they don't even enjoy comic book but thought the show was top notch.
  2 forum posts