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Posted by fanoom on 2006-10-03 11:40:03
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I was conversing with a red headed devil yesterday and we kinda sorta formulated a plan for this winter.

For those of you who know how to ski/snowboard or would like to learn, this may be your season to do just that.

When and where you ask? Why lovely Blue Mountain of course and why not potentially every other weekend, saturday nights would probably work out best for one and all due to the nature of being able to recover on the sunday (I personally would go skiing sunday night too).

Our plans thus far go something like this: Drive on up to Hanover on the friday night, get fall down drunk and maybe go tobogganning, followed by a slow saturday morning eventually leading to a journey to Collingwood to ski/snowboard. What's that? You need to rent and get lessons? No problem! for the low price of $44 they'll give you rentals, lessons, and a lift pass

As you can see it's very cheap to do, and pretty damn easy to learn. However if you're prone to injury you may want to stay away from the snowboards (I still hurt just thinking about it).

I believe Pete is offering rides, since he's such a doll.

This covers the basics. Obviously we will have beginners with us, as well as more seasoned people.

Also, Ski and Snowboard show is taking place in Toronto on October 12-15th, so go check it out if you need to pick up any equipment for cheap/purchase your early bird season pass.

Personally I just finished booking my flight to BC for a week of skiing this winter so I'm really looking forward to this season. Join me on the hill, maybe you can see me hit a tree.....for the fourth time....

  1 forum posts