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Wicked-pedia part 2

Posted by bryan on 2006-11-05 05:39:40
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I'm going to post a bunch of stuff I found that was funny from wikipedia here, starting with this excellent picture of the Mature Anne Hathaway (don't ask). She kind of looks like she just stepped out of Dumb and Dumber.

Hathaway's appearance in the drama Brokeback Mountain (2005) helped move her career in a more mature direction

Included is the photos caption from the article...if you really want to see it again, here... but you will find nothing else of value there, unless you really want to know more about Ella Enchanted. (-5 stars, once again... don't ask)

Welcome to the 8th circle of hell...

Malbolge has eight instructions. Malbolge figures out which instruction to execute by taking the value at [c], adding the value of c to it, and subtracting 94 repeatedly until the number is less than 94. The final result tells the interpreter what to do...

Fuck scientology.

Oh, what's that scientology? I'm as bad as Hitler? Wait a minute, you just violated...

From nazis to 80's eugenics...

( I propose the poetz amendment, where comparisons to GW Bush or Osama Bin Laden be included...)

(more scientology fun:

Articles with unclear importance....

backlog is an understatement.
  1 forum posts