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Posted by cosmicfish on 2006-11-13 09:44:42
7 forum posts
...and helpful if you like to drink tea or are thinking of switching from coffee for health reasons.

From the tea plant come white, yellow, green, oolong and black tea. The darker it is, the more caffeine and less anti-oxidants are in it.

If you want to remove 60% of the caffeine in your tea, cover your tea leaves with boiling water for 20 seconds, drain that water and re-steep the tea.

To steep white, yellow or green tea, boil water and then let it cool for five minutes. You can actually burn the tea leaves and it will taste bitter if the water is too hot. Some tea is meant to be drank with milk, these teas are not! Do not put milk in green tea you blaspheming crazy people.

To steep oolong or black tea, don’t let it brew past four minutes. That is when the tannins start coming out, making it bitter. You can put milk, sugar, honey or lemon in these ones.

Drinking two cups of tea a day is linked to preventing memory loss, fighting tooth decay, helping to prevent arthritis and allergies and also aids digestion.

If you don’t like normal tea you can try Rooibos (roy-bus) tea. It comes from South Africa, is better for you than green and is naturally caffeine free. By itself it tastes not to great but there are lots of different flavored kinds available. It’s also a good drink for babies with colic or pregnant women.

Here is an easy recipe for homemade Chai:

Get some loose leaf Chai tea with the spices already in it or just Chai teabags if you can’t find loose leaf.
Steep four teaspoons of loose leaf or two teabags with two teaspoons of sugar in 6oz of water for three minutes.
Gently heat up 8oz of milk on the stove whisking it with a metal whisk or an immersion blender.
Pour the hot milk into the tea and top with cinnamon.

If you have an ailment, I have the tea.

  7 forum posts