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New Wolfshack Features?

Posted by nerhael on 2006-11-20 11:46:33
15 forum posts
I'm gonna not do the site 'look' overhaul yet, as I got a resounding negative impression from a lot of people I talked to.

I think a lot of the feedback was mostly against the whole white text on a black background, leaving the option to use the black on white, but I think that version made less of an impression IMHO.

So I'd like to poll you guys for some features you'd think would be 'handy' for the site? Or any changes. Here are some obvious ones I've gleaned over time:

  • Messages shouldn't require titles.

  • A basic article/forum search

  • A simple FAQ

  • Ability to easily upload images?

  • Redoing the categories. Consolidating some, making some others, maybe some nesting?

  • Redoing the home page to show 'recent content' first, rather than just 'recent articles'. So when Paul posts on a 4 month old post, you notice it right away.

I think those are the main ones I can think of. Is there anything else that comes to anyone's mind?
  15 forum posts