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Top 10 Albums of the year

Posted by miguel on 2006-12-31 13:46:11
4 forum posts
10. Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

I haven't seen this album in many top 10 lists, and thats a damn shame, because Snoops latest is probably 2006's perfect rap pop album. Does it break any new musical ground? Nope, and it doesn't need to when you have 6 or 7 insanely catchy tracks with perfectly chosen musical guests: B-Real, R Kelly, Akon (Nate Dawg for the new millenium) and eve D'Angelo drop by to help their buddy. And Snoop is at the top of his game, talking that some old gangsta shit.

9. Espers - Espers II (no youtube of them, hype machine instead)

To me, 2006's most underated release, but then again I do think that Espers are the most incredible freak-folk band ever. Coming after their cover album, Espers II offers up a ton of intricately arranged dark folk tales. Beautiful and scary in equal proportions, this is music like Grimm's original fairy tales, filled with sadness, horror and wonder.

8. Justice - Waters of Nazareth

Justice are the spiritual successors of Daft Punk, but not the anime space opera Daft Punk circa Discovery....but the grimy insane Daft Punk of Da Funk. They only have an EP out so far, but dear lord what music! Waters of Nazareth is like the party track of the year, and Carpates is what Simon Belmont would listen to if he lived in 2007 and took horse amphetamines.

7. The Sword - Age of Winter

Fucking right some metal! Most publications I've read point to Mastodon's Blood Mountain as the best metal album of the year, but I went to their live show and it hurt my soul....they're just way too metal for me, the album is amazing but I can only listen to it like once a month. The Sword is just my cup of tea: 70's Black Sabbath inspired metal with monster riffs singing about some Dungeons and Dragons shit. And to cap off their amazing year, their Freya track is on Guitar Hero 2!!! Next year I want to see Canada's own Priestess (a less gay Wolfmother) on Guitar Hero 3!

6. Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country

Take some belle and sebastian, 60's girl bands and a touch of country, mix together vigorously and let it bake. The result is a delicious pink concoction, somewhat like cotton candy if it came from magical pony fur. Ok thats it then: Let's Get Out of This Country is magical pony fur cotton candy.

5. Girl Talk - Nightripper

Do you like to party? Do you like music? Do you like hearing all your favorite music all together at once, so you can really party, REALLY DANCE? Girl Talk is some dude who does what used to be called mash-ups...but this is so far beyond mash ups it can only be called perfect party music. His Notorious Big acappela over Elton's Tiny Dancer might be my favorite musical moment of the year.

4. Justin Timberlake - Future Sexy Love Sounds

Ok Justin is no Prince or Michael Jackson, but he does the rich white playboy falsetto thing pretty damn well. But the real story here is producer Timbaland, the Quincy Jones of his era. This man is simply the best damn pop producer in the world today giving Justin some ridiculously innovative beats to croon over. My Love is the track of the year...T.I just murders it on that beat.

3. The Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury + We Got the Remix

Here are the 3 best rappers in the world today: 3. Ghostface Killah 2. Cam'ron 1. The Clipse. The clipse finally released their long awaited album after a whole lot of drama with their previous label. What you have in Hell Hath no fury are crack cocaine tales of druglords and their quest to make it in this life. But I don't think it's an ode to materialism and the accumulation of wealth through dealing...the clipse's intricate wordplay reveals a dissatisfaction and disgust with the trappings of pushing blow, all with pharell's futuristic, minimalist beats grimly pulsing. This is the blueprint for all hip hop, forget Jay-Z

2. Lily Allen - Alright, Still

Lily got her fame from MySpace but became a full blown pop star ridiculously fast on the strength of her music. Lily Allen's Alright, Still is a ridiculously catchy collection of funny tales revolving around breakups, social manners and London's peculiarities. She comes off as a bit of a brat, but that just seems to make her cheeky verses and sarcastic deliveries all the more delightful. To me, the best pop album of this year.

1. The Knife - Silent Shout

How the hell do I describe the knife? I guess they could be called techno, but they are so much more....maybe art-techno? post-techno? some kind of faggy pretentious moniker-techno? Here is what you should do, go to my youtube link for them and watch the title track in the dark, full screen on with a good sound system. Then get the album...and then we will talk. I just cannot stop listening to each and every song on this album, and that is something I have not done since Daft Punk's discovery...


Junior Boys -
R&B electro Straight outta Hamilton Ontario!

Crystal Castles -
8 Bit Nintendo Madness.....from Toronto!

The Klaxons -

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