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New Years Pictures!!!

Posted by crux on 2007-01-02 15:59:56
2 forum posts
Ok, this was a total tease. I don't have any New Year's Eve pictures because I forgot my camera. Even when I remember my camera I generally forget to use it. I think the main thing I learned while studying photography at York was how not to take pictures. It involves a lot of beer.

But getting back to my point; if anyone has pictures from the evening in Hanover when 2006 met 2007 in a haze of bread sticks and hummus down Iain's pants I would highly recommend that you post them here. Also, if anyone reading this knows of someone who has pictures but doesn't read The Wolfshack kindly assist them in finding us. I would very much like for Interweb users desperately seeking the RED HOT CELEBRITY SNATCH to instead stumble across pictures of Iain in various stages of intoxication.

Speaking of Iain; Trevor if and when you edit down this year's video I think we should YouTube his story about "flipping over" the mouth breather. Maybe we can make a minor internet celebrity out of our little man.

I think I've taken a few too many shots at Iain in this post. He wasn't the only one fall down drunk. Everyone feel free to chime in with something retarded and/or embarrassing that I did that night. Make something up if you want to.
  2 forum posts