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Nov. 15-23 Vacation

Posted by mike on 2003-11-13 17:10:39
5 forum posts
There is a vacation coming up in the following week... and it's MINE.

Therefore you should be prepared for a drop-in anytime, at work, at home, when your in the bathroom, and especailly when you least expect it. That's right, I'm all over this vacation thing and I'm gonna drag the little bugger we all love all over the country side with me.

Are you ready? Don't take this too lightly because even if you think you're ready you probably aren't.

Don't think that not inviting me (us) is going to help either cause we're comin'... comin' to get ya. All of you who can't find an acceptable hiding place are going to be subjected to nonsensical and rambling good times.

Think I (we) don't know where you live or how to contact you? That may be true, but we're comin' all the same.

Appointments will be both made and accepted with some but then horrible twisted and broken so that it wil still be a shock when the drinkin' is suddenly upon you.

Fruitacular and submersable will be the name of the game, then some gab dabbling and funk fangling. This will of course be followed up by some sail swiffling and finally a little gum rumbling just to wake us up a little.

To be honest I stopped paying attention about 2 or 3 paragraphs ago. Be advised that vacation is next wwek and anything can happen.

Mike Mighton
  5 forum posts