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The Wolfshack FAQ

Posted by nerhael on 2007-01-22 13:15:35
8 forum posts
Q: What is The Wolfshack?
A: Just a site designed so that you have a place to talk about whatever the hell you want. Would you like to argue with people in forums? Go for it. Want to post an article with your thoughts on a movie/video game/book/political movement? You’re on. Found something on the web that you have to share? Link it.

Q: So how do I submit an article?
A: Join. Click on add new user.

Q: Wait, don’t I have to be part of the site owners or something to do that? You sure you’re not talking about the forum?
A: Nope. This site is unlike pretty much every other site out there. Anyone can post pretty much anything.

Q: So who polices this place? What’s the etiquette?
A: We’re pretty much self-policing. The bottom line is, try not to be a dick. That’s doesn’t mean you can’t argue, but realize that the people who take the time to post aren’t getting paid or anything, and they’re really putting themselves out there. Your response can also be dictated by the original content. If the original post is a well thought out post about a certain novel, feel free to disagree, and even disagree strongly, but watch your language and tone, and don’t attack the poster. On the other hand, if the original post is about how art house cinema rules, and that only idiots go to mainstream movies, feel free to respond with “ARTHOUSE CINEMA IS THE SUCK”. The idea is to get as many people contributing both articles and to the forums as possible.

Q: Can you explain the categories to me?
A: Advice of the Day - phduffy used to send out silly advice, a quote, and a website each day. Eventually, he started posting it here. He longer posts it, but anyone who has any particularly relevant/funny/interesting advice should post it here.
Dumb Ideas - a place to put random nonsense that won’t fit under any other category. Do you have a great idea for inventing a rocket ship that’s powered by octopi, or do you want to create donuts that are filled with beer? Throw that in here.
H-Town - a lot of the original posters grew up together. So sometimes they’d post stuff that only other people who know them from back in the day would understand. This is place to post that stuff so that it won’t clutter up the other categories.
Links - Just a place to post links from around the web. Please, if the link isn’t safe for work (swearing or nudity), put NSFW somewhere in the post.
Opinions - This is mostly for non-culture related rants. A lot of political stuff goes in here, but if you have an opinion about damn near anything that doesn’t fit somewhere else, please throw it in here.
Photo Albums - would you like to post your personal photos here? Well, one day you might be able to.
Prose/Poetry - Have you written a story that the world needs to see? Finally open to sharing your poems? Go for it.
Questions - Pretty much questions about anything. Not sure what type of wine goes well with lamb? Need to know how to work an array function in Excel? Mac or PC? Post it here, and wait for the collected wisdom of the Wolfshack to take you away.
Media - Throw reviews/opinions on video games, books, music, movies or tv shows here.

Q: What’s the point of the article description field when I post something new?
A: To entice people to read the article. So try to tell people what to expect.

Q: How do I italicize things and stuff like that?
A: Well, you could look around the net and find some basic html advice, but here are some basics.
Italics - this is a good idea if you want to quote someone. <i> opens the italics, and </i> closes them.

bold - for emphasis. <b> to open, </b> to close

strike <strike> to open, </strike> to close

underline <u> to open, </u> to close

Quoting something
Sometimes this is even better than italics <blockquote> to open, </blockquote> to close

a different font not sure why you’d want this, but here it is <code> opens, </code> closes.

A bulleted List – to start the bulleted list, use <bl>. Then, for each bullet point <li> to open, </li> to close.
When you’re all done, </bl>. If you want to make an ordered list (ie, numbers instead of bullets), use <ol> instead of bl. Of course, you could just number the list yourself, but this does inline indents for each item.

Linking to other webpages: There’s two ways you can do this. First, just put down the url, like

You don’t have to include the http://, but you can if you want to.
However, maybe you’d like your link to show up as a word? Then,
<a href=>Like this</a>

Q: Okay, why is it called The Wolfshack?
A: The site’s technical founder (Pete) lived with two of the contributors (phduffy and Miguel). They had friends who called their apartment “The Dog Pound”. The three of them thought that their apartment could also use a name. After rejecting “Lion’s Den”, they settled on The Wolfshack.
  8 forum posts