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Items left behind.

Posted by krys on 2003-11-14 22:32:34
3 forum posts
Hey everyone,

I know alot of you were at our place on the weekend in question, but it's those of you who stayed over night, it is you that these items belonged too.. and probably people living in the Toronto area..

Item #1 A red toothbrush, left in the shower.. I am going to throw it out, because if you left a toothbrush behind over a month ago I hope to god you bought a new one by now.. I am still wondering who's toothbrush it was..

Item #2 A burgundy towel.. I am fine with keeping this one.. Just sometimes it sucks when you can't find something of your own, like a towel.. So who's is it???

Item #3 A rainbow stripped sock, belonging to.. JOYCE!! do you want me to save this for you? You must still have the other foot..

Item #4 A blue and white checkered shirt, button-up shirt.. I think Paul might have possibly brought this for trevor.. I am confused.. do i keep it? Wrap it up and re-give it to trevor for christmas.. ??

Our lost and found bin is getting overfilled, people keep control of your things.. I am not your mother.. I understand we were drinking alot of beer.. but .. come on..

  3 forum posts