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Review of Kiln People by David Brin

Posted by phduffy on 2003-11-16 19:34:49
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Kiln People is David Brin's 15th novel, and the first that I've read.

The plot is this.
It's about 100 years or so in the future. It's never really quite pinned down. Humanity has developed the ability to develop "kilns' of people. These are copies of yourself that only live for 24 hours at a time. You make a copy, send them out to work or whatever, and then they come home and you inload their memories. The people more or less look like you, but they don't feel human and are unicolour. For example, green for simple ones, gray for more adatable, white for just fucking, etc.

Anyways, the story is about a private detective, Albert Morris. Having copies of yourself is damn usefull as a P.I., cause you can send them out on the really dangerous stuff, and if they die, no biggie. He's investigating a counterfit version of a famous actress that's being sold for sex by his nemesis. This then leads to a whole bunch of other weirdness, some of it having to do with the vary laws that the Kiln society is based on.

This book is great. It's told from the point of view of Albert, but of multiple Alberts. Basically Albert makes 3 copies of himself to start off the day, and they all tell the story in first person. This leads to one Albert knowing certain information that the other Alberts don't know. Sounds confusing, but is actually alot of fun.

Not neccesarily a mind alterting or vastly intelligent novel, but a very fun one that gets a definite 'must read' from me.

  2 forum posts