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Vacation anyone?

Posted by fanoom on 2007-02-18 12:26:37
21 forum posts
Well, the sun is shinning, I'm in a good mood, and am thinking of the future.

Okay, summer is right around the corner and I'm thinking about renting a cottage again. I'm just wondering who's interested in coming with this year. I was thinking about heading over towards Ottawa this year and maybe hit up some white water rafting, and maybe some other adventure type sport...bungee jumping perhaps?

One thing is for certain, cottage + water + beer + good times. I know we usually head out around august 12th or so... Maybe we should look at an earlier date this year, perhaps july sometime.

First thing is first however, who is interested in going so I can find accomidations for us all. high numbers are not usually a porblem, I've found private islands that can be rented for fairly cheap... I guess the next question that arises is price range, usually we shoot for the 250 range per person for a week, I know many of you would be willing to go a little higher then that for more elaborate accomidations...

So...yeah....who's interested, how much are you willing to part with, and any suggestions at to what you may or may not want to do? I know if we want to go rafting we'll have to pre book that. Hell if we plan things right we can end up pretty much any where that's within a day's drive.
  21 forum posts