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Advice of the Day for the Week of March 5th 2007!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-03-05 10:09:20

If you're sending emails, a fun way to sign off is with something completely innappropriate. For example, if you're sending an email to someone about your fantasy baseball league, or your dinner plans, sign off with the following:
"My thoughts and prayers are with you"

IMPORTANT NOTES: You probably dont' want to do this with your work emails. Although I would like to hear what happens if you try. Secondly, make sure that the person doesn't actually have a sick relative or anything like that, as that might be... awkward...

Quote of the Day:
So, I know a gay guy who works with a creepy guy from China who always asks/says innapropriate things. He also doesn't seem to think that women should work, so you have to wonder what he thinks about gay men. Anyways, while riding the subway together, the Chinese guy turned to the gay man and said:

"So you like man?"

as a nice way to broach the subject.

Website of the day:
Apparently a great place for financial info/stock info. I haven't spent enough time there yet to make sure though.

With my most heartfelt apologies,