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Advice of the Day: Week of March 12th edition!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-03-12 08:14:46
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Do you work at a place that blocks gmail access?

Well here's a useful tip. Instead of going to (which is blocked), try which may not be (for example, the former doesn't work at one of the major banks, while the later does).

I don't imagine that this trick will work anywhere else, but you could try. (Thanks Jules)

Website of the Day:
Do you use firefox? (Hopefully you do). Well, here's a link to an article discussing the top 20 add-ons for firefox, and the subsequent discussion of which add-ons were missed in the original article. If you use firefox... use add-ons, they're part of what makes it superior.

Quote of the Day:
Everybody these days seems to think that they'd be better at anything than the people who actually do it for a living, even those who do it at the highest levels of their profession. Of course, most people also think that they are the only person on the planet capable of doing their own job with even minimal competence.

-some guy with a Latin handle

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY (Warning! The bonus quote has limited appeal!)

I read the comic book Y: The Last Man, about the last man alive on earth, after a plague which kills all male mammals, except for him and his monkey. So, he's in Japan, and they find some androids (sounds ridiculous I know, hear me out).

His monkey doesn't like the android, and when his sidekick asks him why, he says

"Why don't they get along, well, as we all know, monkey's hate robots".
Fucking right they do. Robots replicate in factory, monkeys live in the jungle.

ALSO: Thanks Palmer for putting up some advice last week. That was awesome.
  4 forum posts