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How to get a man

Posted by phduffy on 2007-03-15 15:08:04
Hotmail likes to give links on its homepage to various pieces. This one came from a piece entitled, “Why I always get the guy…” a story where women who are successful with men post their secrets:

Play hard—to get
“For me, my version of playing hard-to-get always works. Here’s how I do it: I always make sure that even if I am head-over-heels into a guy, I never let him know — even the slightest bit — that I am. If he calls me, I’ll wait at least three days before calling him back, and when I’m around him, I always act very nonchalant and make sure I talk to others as much as I talk to him. Lastly, I never spill my feelings until at least two weeks after he spills his. I think this leaves a guy always wanting more, and makes him feel like ‘getting’ me is a challenge. Guys like competition and to win, so it’s almost like a game!”
– Sarah, 29, systems analyst, Sacramento, CA

Are you serious?
“Guys might like competition, but they LOVE sex. The best way to get a guy you’re interested in is to suck his ####. I’ve found that after doing that a couple times the guy really starts taking an interest in me and even calls me late at night after he’s been drinking. It’s flattering and makes it clear that he wants to be in you.”
-- Barbie, 28, accountant, Portland, OR