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Advice of the Day: Week of March 19th Edition!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-03-18 17:35:23
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If you're at the bar with friends, find the drunkest. Tell Iain... wait, tell him/her that you're ready to take that drink he/she owes you. Repeat with as many friends that will allow it, or with the same friend, if she/he is particularly drunk.

Quote of the Day:
Mark is teleconferencing with an American Colleague
"So what are you guys up to after this meeting" AC
"Well I think I"m going to take some of the team out to get an early start on St. Patrick's Day" Mark
"Oh, you guys have that up there?" AC
Should I stay or should I go?

Really, the answer to the Clash’s dilemma was so ####### obvious. “If I go there will be trouble, if I stay it will be double.” Um, then go. You don’t have to know much math to figure that one out. - Dan Werr

Websites of the Day:

Ipod batteries.
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