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more contraversy

Posted by cosmicfish on 2003-11-19 18:54:50
15 forum posts
This will be about abortion, if you don't like topics like this then don't read on.

I don't think anyone ever wants to kill babies, unless you are a sick fuck. So let's decide that the debate over abortion is really a debate about at what point an embryo or fetus becomes a life.

For some, it is when a childs head comes out of it's mother. This allows for abortion up to almost nine months. Then can induces labour, breech it, deliver all but the head and then kill the baby. Probably by making a hole in the back of it head and sucking out it's brains.

For others it is as soon as the sperm is in the egg. These people can't use the pill because one of the pills jobs it to prevent the embyo from attaching to the uterus walls, which could be construed as killing the baby.

Personally I think it happens somewhere in between. At eight weeks a baby feels pain. At six weeks after conception there is brain activity. Therefore I will draw the fuzzy line at six weeks. If I was in an accident and there was no brain activity after, there would be no point in keeping my body alive. Bodies are just vessels for our brains, everything we are is in our brains (or souls if you like). So if the person is gone when brain activity is gone, then wouldn't the person begin when brain activity begins? Please, dicuss....
  15 forum posts