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Eli Roth can go Fuck HImself

Posted by phduffy on 2007-06-03 22:06:13
14 forum posts

So they've just started showing previews for Hostel II that make it look like a crappy horror/conspiracy movie. Okay fine, not my kind of thing, but whatever.

However, I unfortunately stumbled upon a clip from the movie (as opposed to a preview). I think it was at I'm not going to link to it. The clip is a torture/violence porno clip. Which I guess is Roth's thing. Look at hot people being tortured! Look at me melt their face with a blow torch! I am so edgy!

Of course, luckily for the film watching world, he has spawned imitators. Touristas, the new Elisha Cuthbert movie... they're all essentially attempts to produce simulated snuff films. Roth seems to think that imagination and horror can be produced by showing someone who appears to be genuinely terrified and torturing them. This is incorrect, that is nauseating. True imagination is terrifying people through what you don't show, and what they don't expect.

Now, when I first saw this clip, my first reaction was that no one should be allowed to make this crap. No theatre should show it, and no one should watch it.

However, I thought about that, and that's stupid. You can make and watch whatever simulated garbage you want. However, the beauty of that is that I can call you a fucktard for producing that shit, and question the mental capacity of anyone who pays to see it.
  14 forum posts