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Review of Terminator 3

Posted by phduffy on 2003-11-23 00:34:13
Tonight I watched Terminator 3 and Tomb Raider 2.
I will not be reviewing Terminator 3.

Before sitting down to watch T3 I had some mixed feelings. T2 was completely awesome, and managed to be awesome despite breaking one of the cardinal rules of action movies (NO FUCKING KIDS). Furthermore, at the end of T2 the story is pretty much finished. There really isn't any need or use for a sequel.

Well, T3 starts off pretty much the same way as T2, with a naked Terminator showing up from the future. The good news is that this time she's a she. Then Arnold shows up. He quickly finds John Connor, and we then start to not really pay attention to past continuity. First, Arnold explains that the events of T2 merely delayed the future, but did not change it. Then John Connor asks Arnold if he remembers him from the second movie. Arnold replies no, he's a different terminator. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but shoulnd't Connor know this? Didn't he watch Arnold get lowered into lava in the second movie?

And where's Edward Furlong? Would it really have been that hard to get him to come out for this. What, were his demands too high or something?

Anyways, the movie involves a surprising number of car chases, and Arnold and the new terminator fighting. The problem with this is that the terminator in T2, with his liquid metal and all that cool stuff, is pretty hard to top special effects wise. And of course they coulnd't use the same idea again. Unfortunately, this means that the special effects end up being no better than T2, which came out over 10 years ago.

Now, it may be a coincedence, but it also seems like the makers of this film were paying attention to all the hoopla surounding the Matrix, and they tried to add some philosphy of their own. There's actually alot of similarties between the two films, in terms of the future being a war between man and machine (beware of technology!), and about fate and choice. I guess that this movie had to mention some ideas like that, but I don't really feel that it added anything.

Now, when I watch an action movie, particularly an action movie about cybernetic organisms travelling through time to preserve the human saviour after the nucular war, I tend to suspend most of my disbelief. However, the amount of abuse given to humans with little or no injuries pushed me to the limits. And also, why is it that the female terminator that never mentions a word throughout the entire movie, starts to scream right at the end? She can't be frustrated, she has no emotions.

Another interesting thing about this movie is the music. Normally the big freeway chase would be full of tunes, but all this has is the sound of machines hitting each other and squeeling tires. An interesting choice, but not as awesome as Linda Hamiltion working the pump action shotgun with one hand while G N Fucking R is in the background. (Maybe that's only the video. Sue me).

So, this is a decent action flick overall, but does not live up to T2 (admitedlly, and almost impossible task). The film does end on a rather unusual note, and has at least one plot line that didn't get resolved, so be prepared to see Arnold, the Rock, or HHH in T4.

For the Children:
As part of being a wolfshack reviewer, I will try to incorporate some Fo' da chiden.

Clare Danes and .... um, the guy that's not Edward Furlong mention that their relationship started and ended the night that they made out in grade 8. So making out when you're 12 can lead to the world's salvation!

Umm... this is hard. Miguel, you are much better at this point.

That's enough.