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Advice of the Day for July 23rd, 2007!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-07-24 10:31:22
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This goes to those of you who work in an office, and use some sort of scheduler (ie outlook's calendar function).

Pick a day next week, and book half the day off. Do this a couple of times over the next month. When that time comes, use the time to actually do your job, instead of all the little annoyances that come up day to day. (If you have to share your outlook access and your boss/co-workers can see the reason you book the time off, just think of something great. "Manually re-booting the super computer 7 to check for diode problems" Or "Busy" or "Drs apoint"

Quote of the Day:
"I need to buy some chicken breasts. Other than that, I have most of what I want in life. Which is good, it makes I can feed my stock addiction." Me (suggested use from Pete)

Los Lobos kick your ass.
Los Lobos kick your face.
Los Lobos kick your balls into outer space!

Which leads to the website of the Day:

Johnny Five is for sale!

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