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Posted by fanoom on 2007-07-27 11:45:33
It's 11:45am on a typical Friday. We've seen perhaps three customers in the door (most of our sales are done over the phone). Along comes a fairly regular customer with his typical list of mercede's parts to price, and the normal assortment of supplies for someone who is restoring a car. Normally on the business end of this trasaction it takes approximently 3-5 minutes for us to look up what you need, price it out, locate the items and have you out the door. It being lunch time normally individuals will be understanding that you only have a certain amount of time before your scheduled lunch and will understandably leave you to your only true break of the day. However, sometimes you get that one special customer who will think you actually care about how he travelled down to North Carolina quite recently to look at a car that you truely don't care about, and will continue the one sided conversation for well over a half an hour dispite numerous attempts at ending the conversation. Then they will interupt you while trying to end the conversation and tell you about how he had to inspect the wires to make sure that none of them were cracked.

Seriously, what the fuck. We spend 45 minutes with one person, wasting half our lunch hour, he won't buy jack shit from us cause it's not bosch. Then thinks that we give a flying fuck about how he tracked down a hood in Arizona for some piece of shit junk yard find. What the fuck is wrong with people? They think that we don't have better things to do over our normal time off? Oh it's retail, that's how it goes. BULL SHIT! If you come into a store and know exactly what you want, you get the best service possible from that person. You come in and pull shit like that, no one wants to talk to you next time cause you're just going to waste our time, cause more work for the people who don't have to stand around and listen to you out of sheer politeness and a future potential sale!

So the next time you go to a store and decide to talk about something that you may find exciting in your dull life to someone who you may only have a professional relationship with, think again. WE DON'T FUCKING CARE!

This is me pissed off about something that didn't even happen to me. I was on the other side answering the phones while working the lunch hour. My co-worker was the one that wasted half of his lunch by trying to leave. How am I to help someone who just wants to talk about a car he won't ever drive.

/end rant