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Advice of the Day for the week of July 30th, 2007!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-07-31 19:40:10

Not everyone out there has call display, so if you call someoen and they're not there, they'd appreciate it if you'd leave a message, even if it's "Hey, Jo calling, sorry I missed you" or something of the sort.

There's no need to reply all if your message is only for 4 of the 12 recipients of the original email, particularly if it's going to turn into people emailing each other back and forth all afternoon. (Although it can be amusing to see people reply all to stuff that goes to all staff, and then have people email "PLEASE STOP REPLYING ALL" to everyone)

ALSO: If you make plans to have dinner with someone and then decide that you can't make dinner, call the other party once you make the decision, don't make them call you.

Quote of the Day:
The following is in response to my having mixed up numbers in my phone, and seeing the wrong name when someone texted me. After we clarified this, I get:
"That is weird. I'm glad we've solved this mystery. When you text message me, it says "Pauly Duffy" and plays Stairway to Heaven. So that's also a bit weird" Dawn P

Oh hell yes.

Website of the Day:

Seriously, this site is called robotmonkeypirate. Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster that's cool. (Now, the actually stuff they sell isn't quite as cool, but I like that they sell Neifi Perez stuff. He's about the crappiest player in MLB)