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Japan Trip! - Report 1

Posted by nerhael on 2007-09-18 11:40:54
2 forum posts
Alright. Just to let everyone know we are alive and well we are making a post here. I am sure we will have a much longer and more comprehensive post about the trip once we are back in Canada, or we get bored enough to actually write something.

It is now 12:15 am on Wednesday, September 19th. WE ARE IN YOUR FUTURE! Lottery numbers anyone?

Ok so here’s a quick synopsis for you.

Day 1: Arrival

5 retarded gaijin arrived in Tokyo to a wonderful welcoming committee. Mari, Tomoko and Hitomi had the good grace to meet us at the airport to help us with the transit situation and make us feel wanted in the wonderful country of Japan.

It took approximately A BILLION HOURS (well maybe 2) to arrive at our hostel. First train……1 hour. Second train, 40 minutes, 3rd train, okay, there was no third train, but we had to walk for like…what felt like 30 minutes while carrying our luggage. Pete is a sissy, and apparently can’t carry his luggage for that long.

We immediately ditched all our shit after checking in, and “quickly” went to our next destination, Shibuya to drink our faces off. It took roughly 45 minutes to get there with all the walking and COMPLETE subway line we had to traverse.
We arrived at a 4 story building, and were told to go up to the 4th floor, where we saw a small, emergency access type door as shown below:

We looked around for another door, but found nothing, so attempted the emergency door…. My gods, it opened into paradise

We were seated at a large, 10-12 person table in a semi private room area. The table was inset into the floor, so while you sat on the ‘floor’ level, you could rest your feet 2 feet into the ground. We drank beer. Lots of beer. Food consisted of sushi, tofu, strangely spiced cucumber. It was a goodness. We had much fun, and got home late and quickly passed out.

Day 2: Hot springs and fucking around

Jet lag then fucked us, waking the entire group shortly after 6AM. Oh yay. Schaus, Miguel, and Pete needed to leave for the hot springs, and were gone by 8:30. They enjoyed a 4 hour journey to see many naked Japanese cocks. All 3 agreed, “It was hot.”

Trevor and Seth enjoyed some alone time with Tomoko and Mari respectively; Seth went with Mari to Odaiba island, while Trevor and Tomoko bummed the fuck around.

We all met up later that night for shitty, shitty soba. Mari and Seth however enjoyed awesome rice with salmon. They won!

We arrived back at the hostel around midnight, everyone agreed on an early night to combat the evil ‘Jet Lag’. Then everyone but Pete went and got drunk in the street on vending machine beers, pictured below:

Seth called it a bit early, and the following fornication is the result of Miguel, Trevor, and Schaus alone:


Day 3: Akihabara (Geek Town/Electric City)

OMG THE HENTAI. Look and what Miguel drank from???!!!!!one
Oh, and we found a Solid Snake monument:

This plus video games was too much, so we left and wandered back in Asakusa, finally succumbing to the random, (though incredibly friendly), calls of the owner of a open street bar. We drank. We ate. She glared past closing time. Well, more smiled with a ‘Get the fuck out’ sparkle in her eyes.

Day 4. (More to come)
  2 forum posts