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Posted by tim on 2007-10-17 15:28:40

The article is above, but the context is important. The context is that this is only another blow to the Kurds, who are perennially the most shat-upon people on the planet. They are very literally the largest nation in the world without a state, spread over 4 contiguous countries who literally beat every thought of autonomy out of them. The 35M Kurds get dumped upon in every country they inhabit. Now Turkey (easily the worst of the bunch) has decided to take full advantage of the chaos in Iraq to drop bombs on the Kurdish separatists in that country. And barely a peep out of the US.

The US used to be an ally when they had a mutual enemy in Baghdad, now they say nothing. Last I checked, the Kurds have about 2 friends in the world: Austria and Denmark, who provide some state funding and allow them to do shit like broadcast back to Kurdistan. Not exactly powerhouses, the cause is basically a charity case, which I guess is better than nothing. These people don't have the awareness and public sympathy of the Tibetans or Palestinians, or the wealth of the Basques, or the UN interventions like the East Timorese. They have no power, no money, no allies with any power, and no world powers who care to broker any peace deals, which means they will continue to be subjugated and beaten down by Turkey and Iran and Syria for the foreseeable future.