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Advice of the Day for November 12th, 2007!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-11-12 22:31:55
Today's advice, from Carrie A:
If you work in a lab and would like to heat something in a microwave, it is important to ensure you are not mistakenly using the UV light box.
Paying careful attention to the label "UV" will stop you from using it as a microwave, and thus prevent you from humiliating yourself in front of your co-workers.

Quotes of the Day:

"I hope my hair's not going thin" Paul
"Don't worry, I don't think it's going thin. And if it does, I'll just find someone with a full head of hair" Sarah
"Man, you're going to be helpless at cooking when I go on vacation" Sarah
"No big deal, I'll just have my other girlfriend come over and cook" Paul
"That's not funny" Sarah
"You're right, she can't cook for shit" Paul

And, for added disgustingness, here's something from Dan Savage's podcast:

"Don't worry about getting rid of your ass hair, it really doesn't serve any purpose. Well, at my house we call it extra dental floss, but for most people it has no purpose" Dan Savage (roughly)

Website of the Day:
I'm told that Rick Shapiro is one of the most caustic comedians of all time. I haven't verified that yet. Language.
Free story by an author I like.