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A collection of poems found in my apartment after a party

Posted by phduffy on 2007-11-19 08:24:01
2 forum posts
So this weekend I had a housewarming party. People, as they tend to do, ended up less than sober. At this point, some of the women starting writing ridiculous poems. What follows are the poems we found while cleaning on Sunday morning:

I smell roses
I smell feet
I smell you
And you can't be beat

There once was a man named Duffy
Whose pubes were rather scruffy
So he went for a shave,
but didn't behave
And now his dick appears puffy

There once was a girl named Sarah
Who desired to trim her hair-a
So she got out the tweezer,
Cuz she knew it would please 'er
And now she's a bare-a down there-a

My love is like a river
That river has a beaver in it
And that beaver is you

I smell roses
I smell feet
Someone farted
I think it's Pete

Roses are happy
Violets make me cry
Last night Paul D
Took a shot in the eye

There once was a girl named Jackie
Who wanted the wackey-tobacc-y
But the doobies were smoked,
Cause we'd already toked
So she settled for snorting the smack-y

There once was a guy named Trevor
Who was trying so hard to rev-er
But it didn't work,
So he started to jerk,
And he realized his fate with women was…. Never

Roses are big
Violets are small
There's a terd in the toilet
And its owner is Paul

I feel sick
I've got a fever
I can't wait
To touch your beaver
  2 forum posts