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More Thoughts on the Greatest Video Games of all Time

Posted by phduffy on 2007-11-23 08:33:49
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I will try to sort this so it makes sense:

P: Enjoying the Wii? I was at Pete's playing Mario Galaxy. Fun was had.

T: apparently a few gaming sites have ranked it the #2 game of all time (after some Zelda game from 1999 for the N64, which is apparently the greatest game of all time) ... all other sites have given it at least a 9/10.

P: Ocarina of Time. I agree that it's possibly the best game of all time.

I'm not sure if you could finish Mario in a weekend. You certainly couldn't unlock everything.

T: really ... wow, I've never heard of it.

while we're on the topic, i'd probably rank warcraft 2 as the greatest game of all time.

honourable mentions would go to age of empires 2, half-life (particularly for counter-strike - the best online game ... the actual off-line game not so good), and the original mario kart. I also spent a lot of time playing Prince of Persia, the Police Quest series ... and would say they were all quite seminal for their time. the original NES Mario 3 was solid too.

P: See, I don't know how you can put Warcraft 2 over Starcraft, even though Warcraft 2 is great. Basically, everything it did, SC did better, as well as providing more depth and variety.

I'm torn on the original MarioKart. As great as it is, I really think that double dash for the Gamecube is better. Not a common thought though.

Symphony of the Night for the PS1 is also a contender I think.

T: I think I'm of the attitude that when a game is part of a series, it's the seminal effort that should go down with the 'greatest' label. For example, warcraft. Number 1 was ok, but pretty annoying actually ... 2 was a huge, massive leap forward. the gameplay, the option of online play (in 1995? impressive) ... vastly improved. starcraft added to it and built on what War2 did, and for most it was the better game -- but the leap was at the Warcraft 2 level. I feel the same with MarioKart. time goes by, graphics and controls get better, complexity increases ... and usually the games improve. For example, I loved Police Quest I, and would rank it highly on a best-of-all-time list, but I'm in no hurry to play it tonight.

Like this Ocarina game ... might be the best ever, but you probably haven't touched it in a long time, but you would play newer games.

Prince of Persia should win an award the same way. it was a huge leap, easily the best of that era.

This sounds like a topic for the wolfshack ... vote on a greatest game of all time list.

P: I think we've done this on the wolfshack.

I think the leap from WC2 to SC is just as big as WC to WC2. Hell, they still play SC in Korea and at Pete's work. It's televised in Korea.

Most new Zelda games are based on one of two things: A link to the Past (SNES) or Ocarina of Time (N64). Now, OcariNA owed something to A link to the Past, but, you can see that the new game Twilight Princess, is at attempt to replicate/improve what Ocarina of Time did, while the new DS game, Phantom Hourglass, looks to be closer to LInk to the Past (although it's based on the gamecube game Wind Walker).

It's funny that Police Quest and Kings Quest etc are totally gone. i'm not sure what the spiritual successors to those would be.

P2: It’s true, we do play SC here in the office. To play WC2 after playing SC as long as I have, is honestly painful. Very…very painful. Everything slower, units aren’t as developed, it’s just not very fun.

What’s interesting, is that I can however play SC after WC3, which while advanced graphics, I felt it didn’t sufficiently enhance gameplay. The addition of hero’s was interesting, and made for some fun early micromanagement, but some of the other stuff was ruined: units speed was pretty much the same for all, every race seemed to have an equivalent unit of another race, etc.

I personally wasn’t a big fan of the two N64 zelda’s, and never finished the 2nd one. Like, I played them, they were mostly fun, but not as good as the other ones I’ve played. I’m drawn to the opening story of Twilight princess, but haven’t found time to attack the game yet.

Mario Kart – Orignal is still the best racing game of the series. I don’t think any of them have lived up to it to date. DD is I think however, more fun to play with a group of people.

P: So, I found the wolfshack post:
You'll notice that at that point in time, I put WC2 as the best PC game of all time. Strange.

I also didn't finish the second N64 Zelda. But the first has so much depth, creativity, and awesomeness... I still have very fond memories of it (obviously).

I'm curious as to what you meant regarding the racing aspect of the first Mario Kart? Do you mean it's a better one player game, or something else?

More may be coming. Please add your own thoughts.

  13 forum posts