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Retro Gaming Day/Weekend

Posted by nerhael on 2007-11-23 10:47:44
28 forum posts
Once I'm settled into the new place, I would like to propose a retro video game day/weekend.

I was re-reading the old post about us trying to do the Mega Man anniversary deal all the way through, and being largely cock-blocked by Mega Man 1 which apparently discussed ways to make you cry with the creators of Ninja Gaiden 1 through 3.

This gave me the idea that perhaps we shouldn't focus on a series, but instead iconic games of our up river youths that can be finished in a relatively short period of time.

We will have 3 TV's, and another monitor that could be used as a TV if required. Our apartment alone will have about 6 game systems, this should keep more people involved and having fun, rather than 1 person playing and X people watching.

1 Super Nintendo: I think I still have it somewhere.
1 Gamecube
2 PS2's
1 Wii
1 PS3

The Wii gives us access to the Virtual Console, and a host of older games that might make good candidates. For others, we can either try to find re releases, or dust off our original consoles if we can find them.

I guess my next question is who's in, and what games do we include? I'll leave the game suggestions to the board itself.
  28 forum posts