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Advice of the Day for December 17th, 2007!

Posted by phduffy on 2007-12-18 15:52:37
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I'm stealing today's advice, and providing a whole bunch of ideas on how to eat healthy during the holidays (feel free to skip to the quote):

Even in the hectic weeks ahead, you can make small adjustments that will make it easier for you to tackle your weight-loss goals in the New Year. The first step toward a healthful holiday season is simple and effective: Don't use the season as an excuse to splurge. The second is to always be on the lookout for ways to fit healthy behaviors into your life.
Challenge yourself to use these easy tricks:
Always eat a healthy dinner before you go to a holiday party.

Bring "safe," healthy foods to potlucks.

At appetiser tables, choose two or three of your favourites and put them on a small plate or, better yet, a napkin. Then, walk away. When you're done with your food, throw away the napkin or take your plate to the kitchen. Avoid large plates.

At a buffet, cover most of your plate with vegetables and fruits. Then find room for smaller portions of the high-calorie main dishes.

Watch out times when you feel guilty for overeating. Just because you slipped up at lunch isn't license to overindulge all day. Remember: One meal is one meal. One day is one day.

Drink extra water to help flush out the excess sodium you consume during rich meals.

No matter how busy you get, make time for a healthy breakfast. Eating a morning meal will help control cravings later on.

If baked goods are your holiday weakness, consider hosting a cookie party: Ask every guest to bring one batch of his or her favourite cookies, plus the recipe, and share. This way, you and your family get a variety without having to bake loads. (For extra credit, challenge your guests to bring low-fat or low-calorie cookies.)

Store healthy snacks at the front of your fridge and pantry, and go for them before you treat yourself to the splurge stuff.

Just say "no" to packaged holiday candies and cakes! So what if they're red and green or blue and white—with all the homemade goodies hanging around, you don't need them.

Streamline your grocery shopping with lists of the ingredients you'll need for a week's worth of quick, easy meals. This way, you won't be limited to last-minute convenience and fast foods during those nights when you're dashing around.

Online shopping is a great time saver, but it means you lose out on the mall walking that usually goes with shopping. Make it up by figuring out exactly how much time you saved (say, 15 minutes per gift), then increase your cardio by that much for the week.

On heavy-eating weeks, compensate for the extra food with more weight or resistance training. "It will increase the metabolic rate of the muscle tissue," says Fink. That means your body will be better prepared to handle the extra calories.

Add health-related gifts to your wish list this year—they could help make for a slimmer, healthier New Year!
It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.
Hank Aaron
and, I think I've used this before, but:
The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided. - Casey Stengel

Websites of the Day:
Okay, I was going to link to the preview for the new Harold and Kumar movie, and then, I found this:

I had to wipe a tear from my eye.

Have any Irish blood? Ireland is currently making their old census data available online, for free. Right now they go back to 1911, but only for Dublin, but plans are to make the entire census available eventually:
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