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Posted by miguel on 2007-12-19 11:56:08
8 forum posts

10. New School R&B

I am going to cheat and put a trend here for the number 10 spot, as 2007 was simply a banner year for poppy R&B. You had the self deprecating hood rat tracks from T-Pain, the icy electro R&B of Rihanna, Chris Browns ridiculously catchy Kiss Kiss, and Nee-Yo doing some of his best work. But the guy to keep an eye on is The Dream who wrote Umbrella, J Holliday's Bed and about a bazillion other tracks that tore up the charts this year. He is coming out with an album soon but his first single was "shawty is a ten"...a certified radio killer. Umbrella is pretty much the song of the year, but I might just like shawty is a ten even more.

9. R.Kelly - Double Up
Come on now.....Sex Planet where he calls himself a sexasaurus? The Zoo? The video for Same Girl? I'm A Flirt Remix: "Yeah, Yeah Homie U Say She Yo Girlfriend But When I Step Up To Her I'm Be Like Cousin"

And of course....Real Talk.

Double Up is the best comedy/r&b album of 2007 and just further proof of the retarded genius of Robert Sylvester Kelly.

8. Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted

Surefire way to get to Miguel - take 60's girl groups aesthetics and take them to the next level with amazing composition and an updated sound. Top ten album of the year.

7. TIE Burial - Untrue/ The Field - From Here we go Sublime

Untrue is a very recent release in the genre of dubstep, which itself is a relatively recent genre that formed out of grime, 2-step and the traditional dub sounds like ghosts haunting a desolate part of Scarborough at night! The Field is pure ice, a minimal kind of techno that unleashes maximum emotion from lean, angular means.

6. Justice - Cross

So what if the best moments of this album sound too much like Daft Punk? The world needs way more Daft Punk circa Discovery and Homework, a whole lot less of any other jabronies. How can someone not love D.A.N.C.E which simultaneously sounds like the jackson 5 and da funk?

5. Kanye West - Graduation

This might be a made up story, but apparently Kanye West's tour DJ who is a 20 year old kid from Montreal called A-Track (who is an amazing musician and producer in his own right) introduced him to a little track by Daft Punk last year called Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger. Kanye who apparently was barely aware of who Daft Punk was, took the track and ran with it, resulting in the Stronger track and a ridiculously selling album. I personally like The Good Life and Can't Tell Me Nothing better, but Kanye done did it again.... You gotta have balls to sample Steely Dan!

4. Feist - Reminder

A more grown up sound than let it die from Canada's new musical darling. She is amazing, but I wonder how much of this album is hers, and how much comes from her producer Gonzales, who is an incredible musician. Either way this album is so incredible that I don't even think 1,2,3,4 is one of the top three tracks on it, and the damn thing is on an Ipod commercial.

3. Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Panda Bear from Animal Collective went home, up the stairs and into his bedroom. He turned on his laptop and proceeded to make tthe years best pop album. Person Pitch to me sounds like what Paul Simon would be making now if he were still relevant.

2. Lil'Wayne - Da Drought 3

The Best Rapper Alive, and the best hip hop album of the year. Its not even an album its a 2 part mix tape! Lil'Weezy just murders every single damn beat that comes along from Shoulda Lean to Beyonce's Upgrade U to Can't Stop Won't Stop it just keeps on coming with weed fueled surreal lines like "Im so high I could eat a star" and insane fragment lines like:

Play with me and it's all out beef
Beef! Yes! Chest! Feet!,
Tag! Bag! Blood! Sheets!
Yikes! Yeeks! Great! Scott!
Storch! Can I borrow your yacht?

1. M.I.A - Kala
The Future of Music. Fergie has already started stealing from her, Missy Elliot is also doing this kind of thing, theres even a japanese girl called Tigarah trying to be the next M.I.A. I don't even care about her political statements, although I love how cleverly and effectively they are married to her music.

There's only one Mathangi Arulpragasam, and this is her masterpiece.

  8 forum posts