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Paul's Movies for December

Posted by phduffy on 2008-01-01 22:25:47
3 forum posts
Blood Simple (Coen Brothers) - I recently saw, and liked, No Country for Old Men, so I thought I’d watch some other Coen brothers movies, as I’m not very familiar with their work. THis is their first film. It has some of the tension and atmosphere of their NOfOM, but isn’t of the same caliber. At times the lighting and sound were so poor I couldn’t hear/tell what was going on. I did like the story, which revolves around an affair, and a mistaken identity plot which is actually believable. A solid, but unspectacular movie.

Golden Compass (Weitz) - A solid fantasy film based on the excellent novel. Note that this is a trilogy, so things aren’t completely resolved, and based on the box office, they may never be. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t spectacular (for example, it’s not as good as Stardust).

Everything’s Gone Green (Fox) - Written by Douglas Coupland. I’ve never read anything by Coupland, but I have the idea that this is similar to his work. Set in Vancouver, starring one of the guys from Road Trip as a guy who loses his job, and then starts working for the BC Lottery corp. The boyfriend of a friend of his figures out a way they can use the Lottery job to launder money. This was fun and quirky, but not particularly memorable. I think it thought it was saying a bit more about society, and money, than it actually did. Solid rental.

The Hit (Frears) - Terrance Stamp squeals on his friends and ends up in Spain. John Hurt and Tim Roth show up to take him back to England and execute him. Stamp isn’t hugely concerned about the event, while Hurt is professional, and Roth is a bit of spaz. Builds to a climax which is inevitable and unfortunate. Pass, unless you’re a big fan of the director or actors.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Verbinski) - Ugh. The third movie in the Pirates sequence. I suppose you could call it a trilogy, but really, it’s one film, followed by a duology. You can tell that this was created to make money, as opposed to because they had more story to tell. I mean, I realize that all movies are all there to make money, but some at least have a further reason to exist. Hell, even the Die Hard sequels were fun, but this was crap. The problem is that every character is a traitorous prick. Emotions and allegiances change from one scene to the next, the villains seem to have stolen their catchphrase from Donald Trump (It’s not personal, it’s just business), characters are included for no reason at all - ie, Keith Richards shows up as MacGuffin whose only point is to introduce another MacGuffin! Major characters are introduced and then essentially forgotten about… while I wasn’t expecting much, after the second film, I was expecting more than this drivel. Avoid.

Tadpole (Winnick) - Ever read a short story expanded into a novel, and then, even though the novel is only 220 pages, it still feels like it’s full of filler? Welcome to Tadpole. A 15 year old falls in love with his stepmom (Sigourney Weaver). He ends up sleeping with her best friend (Bebe Neuwirth), which makes things awkward. John Ritter plays his completely unbelievable dad, and AJ Soprano plays his best friend. I think this should have been shorter, but it’s hard to recommend that an 80 minute movie trim the fat and eliminate the long sequences of starring, or no action or plot development. I’m not sure what this is supposed to say - be a pretentious ####### 15 year old, and 40 year old women will want to #### you? Also, I couldn’t help but think of the sexual politics. When the main character’s father finds out that his son is sleeping with a 40 year old, he’s happy about it. Imagine a movie about a 15 year old girl sleeping with a 40 year old man. Think her dad would be laughing?

Strangers with Candy (DiNello) - based on the old TV show, and similar, only most of the high school actors are new, and some ‘name’ actors (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker) show up. It had its moments, but Jerri Blank can be a difficult characters to spend a lot of time with, which is why I think this worked better as a tv show. Colbert’s lots of fun, but again, i think the whole thing was a bit much.

Baadassss (Van Peebles) - Mario Van Peebles stars and directs a movie about his father, Melvin Van Peebles. Interesting story of how he (Melvin) financed, wrote, and directed one of the most successful independent movies of all time. I suppose it’s a biopic, but I’m not sure I’m ready to believe everything the story presents. It’s got to be one hell of an experience to write a movie about your father, in which you play your father, and in which you have a child actor playing you. Solid.
  3 forum posts