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Review: The Proposition

Posted by Katie on 2008-01-17 08:44:24
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So I'm not really a huge fan of westerns (too corny/campy/predictable), but I was convinced to watch this by someone who is. And I'm pretty happy I did.

It's a movie with relatively little plot (i.e., the plot is these brothers brutally kill a family, the cops catch 2 of 3 brothers, release one to go kill the oldest and craziest one), but a slow moving, emotional and realistic portrayal of the challenges to life in the mid 1800s in Australia.

And by realistic I mean it looks like the actors didn't wash for 3 months, they were covered in flies, blood, bruises etc., that all looked authentic.

Guy Pearce is the brother who was released, and he does an amazing job. He has this kind of ambivalent emotional turmoil going on under the surface all the time which is a bit mesmerizing. The only other actor I knew by name was Emily Watson as the police captain's wife.

Overall, there is no corny/campiness, there is a lot of grit and reined in emotion, interesting music/lyrics that kept a continuity throughout the film, and some realistic violence. It seemed like a pretty accurate portrayal of just how tough life was then, and seemed MUCH tougher than America, and the "wild west" just due to the geography.

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