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Paul's MOvies for January

Posted by phduffy on 2008-02-06 20:47:51
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SHoot Em Up (Davis) - This is a movie that begs to be called style over substance. But to be honest, I don't even know if the style was that great. Lots of darkness, and basically non-stop violence. Yes, there are great actors in it (Owen, Belluci, and Giamatti), but why bother with good actors when you have a script which demands almost nothing from them? The occasional scenes outside were shot in Toronto, which on the one hand is kind of cool, on the other hand it can sort of take you out of the movie sometimes.

Live Free or Die Hard (Wiseman) - This was all kinds of fun. Die Hard, updated to incorporate modern threats, Bruce Willis is still a fun smart ass, and the Apple guy was fine in this movie. I thought there were some interesting parallels between the villain's motivations in this film and the motivations in the 3rd film, but maybe I'm spending too much time thinking about Die Hard. Also, I rented the uncensored version, and maybe the additional content made for a better movie.

Overnight (Montana & Smith) - A documentary about Troy Duffy, the director who was behind Boondock Saints. I thought that Boondock Saints was a lot of fun, and was interested in the story behind it. So Duffy sells a script to Miramax while working at a bar. Miramax's owner Harvey Weinstein apparently agrees to buy the script and buy the bar Duffy works at. At first, Duffy seems like a reasonable guy, but quickly we see how he's always getting drunk, has assembled an 'entourage' which includes the band he's a member of, and can't really handle anything. He meets with famous actors in an attempt to cast the film, but ends up bad-mouthing half of them. I can understand not wanting certain actors in your movie, but don't let people know how you feel. Anyways, things are still going well, until, suddenly, Miramax pulls out of the film. Duffy doesn't really seem to care, other than swearing about Weinstein - which is a really really dumb move. So Duffy struggles to make the film, but seems more concerned about his band. Eventually, he finds financing from a small company, and makes the movie. The behind the scenes stuff of him making the movie was pretty interesting, as Duffy seemed to get a long really well with the actors. Billy Connolly comments on how happy Duffy seems, and Willem Dafoe's advice for him is to keep his mouth shut. So they make the film, go to Cannes, show the film to decent reaction, but no one wants to buy it. Duffy blames Weinstein for blackballing him, and while no one confirms that, a few people do confirm that Weinstein could do that, ie, he has that power. So the movie sits in limbo for a while, before a tiny distribution company picks it up, releases it in 5 theatres, and then DVD. In the meantime, Duffy focuses on his band, screws over all his friends, and, through his agents, who also ahve a close relation with Weinstein, signs a distribution deal that sees him getting no money for DVD rights. I don't know how much power Weinstein actually has, but this did some like a bunch of weird events. Anyways, Boondock Saints becomes a huge movie on DVD, Duffy gets nothing, and hasn't worked since. He occasionally makes predictions of sequel though.

Grizzly Man (Herzog) - I liked this. Most of us are probably familiar with this. This movie seems to suggest that Treadwell thought the bears were human. And maybe that's true, but, to be honest, it seemed to me that Treadwell wanted to be a bear.

Juno (Reitman Jr) - THis movie pissed me off somewhat. It was a decent indy movie. HOwever, it could have been a great movie. And to be honest, I think it would have been better if it was more mainstream - that way we could have avoided the bullshit soundtrack. Man did the soundtrack piss me off. I don't know if I can remember a soundtrack that detracted from the movie as much as this. This movie would also have been better had they changed the opening scene, which seemed to be a direct lift from the style of Napoleon Dynamite. Page, Bateman, Cera, Garner and everyone else in this movie was all pretty good.

Nine Queens (Bielinsky) - An Argentinian crime thriller. A really really good entry into the genre. Some mysteries which weren't obvious, but which weren't insulting to the viewers, the two leads were good. Apparently remade into Criminal, an AMerican made movie starring John C Reilly that no one has ever seen.
  9 forum posts