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Paul's movies for February

Posted by phduffy on 2008-03-01 16:51:28
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Feb Movies:

Friends with Money (Holofcener)

There's nothing wrong with this movie, but there isn't really anything right about it either. A bunch of rich people have tough lives. Jennifer Aniston is friends with them and poor. She ends up with a fat dope smoker. Yay, you have hope. The end.

Rambo (Stallone)
4th Rambo movie. Ridiculous over the top action. One of the characters is a pussy pacifist doctor, who just wants to make things right. He learns his lesson by the end of the film - sometimes, you have to violently murder a whole bunch of people. The main villain in this piece isn't just a brutal general who's leading a genocide - oh no, he's also a pedophile! So yeah, it was a ridiculous movie, but fun. The only minor issue I had is that the setting is Burma, and they use real footage at the start of the movie. I don't want to see actual deaths in a Rambo movie.

Rocky Balboa (Stallone)

We had so much fun at Rocky that we went out and rented Rocky Balboa. One of my friends had told me that this is better than Rocky IV. That friend was apparently high. This is a solid, nostalgia filled movie. They're able to make a somewhat believable story about the 50 something Rocky fighting the current champ. If you only see one Stallone nostalgia vehicle this winter, see this one instead of Rambo

King of Kong: A fistful of quarters (Gordon)

Fun documentary about a guy who decides to set the world record at Donkey Kong, and the guy who holds the record. I had no idea the world of video game record keeping existed, or that most of them were such weirdos. This film does an incredible job of creating tension and setting up showdowns - at one point they even play Eye of the Tiger. I enjoyed this a lot.
  2 forum posts