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March Movies

Posted by phduffy on 2008-04-01 22:37:19

March Movies

In Bruges (McDonagh)
Dark dark comedy. Most dramas wouldn't show the kind of darkness that gets shown here, yet alone a comedy. Lots of fun though. Also a bit of a Harry Potter reunion, as 3 of the actors show up with prominent parts in this movie.

The Killers (Siegel)
Story, told mostly through flashbacks, of a pair of hired killers. The movie starts with them killing a man, who doesn't appear to want to avoid death. This makes them suspicious, so they start looking into his life, trying to find the money he's alleged to have stolen. Every time I see a movie like this, I have an internal debate on whether the non-linear narrative was needed. I think it works here, since the movie essentially becomes a mystery, as opposed to a heist movie that it could have been had things been done chronologically. Good movie, and Ronald Reagan plays a murderer in it.

CSA: The Confederate States of America (Willmott)
A faux-documentary about what would have happened had the South won the US civil war. Lincoln flees to Canada in shame, slavery is never abolished, the US does not oppose Hitler, etc. I'm sure I missed lots of this, since I don't know my US history all that well. The US ends up hating Canada, since black Canadians are free, and the US demands 'reperations' from Canada for all the slave labour which fled to Canada. This is supposed to be a British Documentary presented in the US for the first time. It might me uncomfortable at times, and I think it was supposed to, but I'm not sure why. As an alternate history, I didn't find it plausible that the US would still have slavery in 2002. I also wonder how someone from the South would feel about this, as it strikes me as slightly offensive.

Lady Vengeance (Chan-wook)
Third in the thematically related Vengeance trilogy. Oldboy is the most famous of them. So a woman goes to jail for 13 years for the kidnap and murder of a child. While there she makes friends, and plots her vengeance. So far so good. She gets out, and starts to plan her revenge. Then.. I don't want to say that the movie takes a turns, but let's call it a detour. It was unexpected, but makes sense and still gets to the same place. Although most of the violence in this film is off screen, there are some brutal moments in moments in this that could be tough for some people. I liked this a lot though, I think it might be better than Oldboy