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Paul's movies for May

Posted by phduffy on 2008-06-04 10:44:02

Iron Man (Favreau)

There's probably not much more to say about this. Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic in the role. I think that what prevents this from reaching the upper echelon of superhero films is that the villain isn't that great (although I'm not sure I'd say that the villain in Batman Begins was that strong, and it is in the top of those films). This is a film that doesn't promise much, but does deliver on what it promises - a fun action superhero movie. If that sounds interesting, you'll love this movie. If not, this isn't so great as to transcend its genre.

Blood in Blood Out Hackford

This movie, about three members of the "Vatos Locos" in East Los Angeles, was hilariously bad in parts. Every Mexican-American character in the movie runs around screaming (pardon the spellnig) "ESSE!!! Oralay!!!! VATO!!!!" and is extremely hot-blooded. A ton of name actors show up (Benjamin Bratt is one of the 3 main characters, Delroy Lindo is a leader in the jail, Billy Bob Thorton is one of the white supremacists in jail). Despite its terribleness, it was oddly compelling - i wanted to find out if any of the 3 characters would get their life together, I wanted to figure out who'd win the gang war in prison. That said, this movie is 190 minutes long, which is way way way too much.

Antanujrat Kunuk

I really wanted to like this film, as it's a big deal in Canadian film circles. Set among the Inuit in the Artic approximately 1,000 years ago, it's the story of a cursed family, and one member of that family, Antanujrat, the fast runner. The setup and curse are very confusing and not clear, and I think this film, like blood in blood out, was too long. It's well filmed and well acted, but didn't do it for me.

Manufacturing Dissent Caine and Melnyk

Another documentary about Michael Moore. Essentially theyr'e trying to get an interview with him, so they can call him on some of the tricks he uses in his films. He won't grant them an interview (as he's working to help Kerry defeat Bush, although he also won't meet with them after the election), and he kicks them out of his events, etc. They also show interviews with former friends who claim they were lied to by Moore, and one big revelation, that in Moore's first film, Roger and Me, in which he claimed he coudln't get an interview with Roger Smith, he actually did get that interview, and a transcript is available. That really undercuts the argument that Moore started to change his methods with Bowling for Columbine, although I think Moore has denied this charge. They also claim that Moore fabricated part of his attendance at the GM general meeting. While they go through this, they're interviewing various documentarians, and I remember thinking "I wish they would have asked Errol Morris what he thinks". Then they do. If you're someone who has issues with the way Moore goes about doing things, this is a great film.

Indiana Jones Spielberg

I've never had a nerd-fest love for Indiana Jones. I always thought that the movies were fun, but I've never been able to quote them or anything. This movie was what I thought the other movies were - fun. I wonder what it would have been like if they'd been able to wash the stink of George Lucas off these films, but meh. The only regret I had is that if you're going to do a movie like this, which includes lots of fan service to old movies, why have more cameos? Couldn't you get John Rhys-Davies or the guy who played Short Round to show up? Still, it was fun.