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My movies for August, September, and October

Posted by phduffy on 2008-11-04 16:12:36
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Walk Hard (Kasdan)

I've held off writing anything about these two movies, since I don't really have much to say about these Apatow productions. Walk Hard was solid, and worth a rental. I suspect that it would have been better in the theatre - in particular, I think the random penis would have been much funnier there, as opposed to in my living room. The songs are funny, and Jenna Fischer is in it. So go rent it.

Pineapple Express (Green)

Typical (which means good) Rogen/Apatow fair. Some critics complained that it turned into too much of an action movie at the end, but I liked that part. I guess this was darker than previous Apatow films, but who cares, it's still a comedy. (It's not In Bruges dark or anything). I also liked that Rogen's hot girlfriend was supposed to be in high school, which I think explains how he could end up with an attractive woman - she's a dumb high school student who's dating a loser older than her. It happens.

Zak and Miri Make a Porno (Smith)

I enjoyed it, which I guess makes me one of the few people to do so. Honestly, I coudln't see much of a difference between this and an Apatow film. Actors from both Apatow and Smith's universe show up (Daryl from the Office was pretty good, while Randal from Clerks was basically Randal from Clerks without the potty mouth). I guess there was one disgusting scene that I don't think you'd see in an Apatow movie, and that Smith can't seem to resist, and I'd agree that the pacing isn't perfect, but overall I enjoyed it.

The Return (Zvyagintsev)

Russian movie about two kids whose father returns, unannounced, after being away for 12 years. He then announces that he's taking the kids on a fishing trip. It soon becomes apparent that he's got a couple of other things on his mind, and that he's kind of a dick. But is it just tough love, or is he going to harm the kids? I'm sure that some of the commentary on parenting, etc would mean more to someone who grew up in Russia, but I thought it was an interesting story, although it's not a plot heavy movie. They never say where the father was, although the clues make it pretty obvious. This is another movie (like Waitress) that has a real life tragedy associated with it, and it makes the very first scene of this film especially poignant.
  2 forum posts