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On this day of thanks (well... okay, not really), want to help out a disabled ch

Posted by phduffy on 2008-11-28 10:12:27

Okay, so first read this story:

This led to someone emailing Samís mother to ask if there was a way someone could donate something to help out. They asked about Paypal and here's the info:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. Please note as requested by everyone, I have set up a Pay Pal account under my email address of:

Also you can receive updates on facebook by joining the group : Save Sam Spiteriís Pony=Emily

Thank You

Antonia S

Here's the rest of the original quote from the guy who set this up:

Facebook people arenít likely to donate much. Joe and I discussed $50 each. Thatís not that much, but it gets her 9% of the way paying the fees demanded by the local government. If any other Primates would like to, feel free; Iím sure sheíd appreciate it. I did say that anything of mine that went over what she needed for the fees, she could use to pay bills or even buy a gift for the kid; if your mileage varies greatly from that, youíll want to address it yourself. I make no claims, provide no warranties or site trustworthiness metrics in this. You alone decide what you want to do. Iím just posting the info, not promoting a product.