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My most recent movies

Posted by phduffy on 2009-01-04 19:41:35
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Be Kind Rewind (Gondry)
Jack Black and Mos Def star as they recreate old movies in an attempt to save Danny Glover's store. I was really hoping that they'd remake Lethal Weapon, but no luck. This film was fairly uneven. The remakes were fun, but the rest of the movie couldn't really figure out if it was a comedy, a drama, romance, or whatever. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was able to walk this fine line, but ultimately I think that Be Kind Rewind is an interesting failure.

Tropic Thunder (Stiller)
This movie, about movie stars making a war movie, could have turned out terrible - Robert Downey Junior, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Matthew Mcconaughey, Nick Nolte, Tom Cruise... this sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it turned out really really well. Cruise almost makes you forget who he is, Black's able to tone himself down enough to fit in, Stiller's dumb action star works perfectly. Very fun movie.

Quantum of Solace
I enjoyed this, but it's not on the same level as the previous movie. I can understand that you want to shoot the race through the tight buildings in Italy with the upitight, shaky-cam, but I don't understand why you'd shoot a boat chase like that. Why not pan overhead, show us what's going on with all the boats, use your location? This actually reminded a bit of the second Pierce Brosnan Bond film, after Goldeneye, where the villain and plot weren't on par with the previous version, which had helped make the franchise relevant again. There was a lot going on in Casino Royale, but it was easy to keep track of, while this film was filled with disposable plot elements and disposable characters. I like the fact that there's some continuity in the Bond universe, but they need to do a better job than this.

Wall E (Stanton)
I don't know what I was expecting, but this isn't what i thought I'd get from a Pixar movie. If you'd told me beforehand that I'd love a virtually dialogueless kids movie I think I would have disbelieved you. However, this is a beautiful movie, probably the move beautiful I've ever seen. The story, which I guess is about the destruction of the planet and robots in love (wait, what?) is really well done, but it's also about more than I can describe in one paragraph,so I won't try to. Set aside 2 quiet hours and see this movie.

Gran Torino (Eastwood)
Great movie about a retired Ford worker who hasn't adjusted to the death of his wife and the world around him. He spews racist jokes, more or less hates his kids, and is missing some direction without his wife. I really think that Eastwood is a master, and this film was another great movie from him. There were a couple of lines in the movie where Eastwood ditches all subtlety, and I suppose there's a move at the end of the film that doesn't go in the direction that some of the audience will want, but this is a very competent, very well done film.

Devil's Backbone (del Toro)
I've had this for a while, but had put off watching it since I'm not a huge horror fan. Turns out that this a ghost story, not a horror story, and that those two things aren't always the same. While watching this I was thinking of Pan's Labyrinth, and upon reading the wikipedia article on this I notice that del Toro apparently considers Labyrinth to be the spiritual sequel to this movie. del Toro is not afraid to set stories in Spain and show some violence against children. Nice contrast between the supernatural and the real violence. Good film.
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