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Stayin' Ailive

Posted by mike on 2003-12-08 16:32:07
4 forum posts
I am back. Considerably damaged, but back.

The strangest thing happenned to me the other day. I was at home minind my own business when two people stopped by and loaded me into a car. This car then took me to Waterloo where a woman in a glass room forced me to fill out forms.
After the form filling session the woman in the glass room extracted a large sum of money from me and made me wait in a room with several other people. After quite some time a door opened and some guy came out holding a young man who appeared to have been beaten senseless or was very drunk as he couldn't walk by himself and appeared very "out of it".
The door closed again but opened only a few minutes later and a woman beconned me inside and sat me down in a chair. The woman then left and tow other women came in wearing some kind of blue jumpsuits. The one woman happenned to be oriental and began asking me a lot of questions about the form I had filled out. Questions like "what do you mean when you say you drink more than 3 beers per day?" and "are you on any medications or do you take any narcotics?". After the questioning was over the second woman jammed a breathing thing like you see on the TV onto my face and said it was oxygen and I should breathe deeply.
The next thing I knew the first woman had strapped me to the chair and was jabbing a needle into my hand (which she didn't take out). Now apparently whatever was coming out of the breathing mask wasn't oxygen because I woke up a hour and a half later in a completely different room. My roomates were two gentlemen who I nver really got to see who I nick-named Pukey and Moaney. The reasons for their names were obvious, one kept puking and the other kept moaning. I on the other hand remained quite silent and still until I noticed a searing pain in my mouth.
When I tried to sit up and asked for some water when a woman rushed over and told me to lay down and that I couldn't have any water. this got quite the response from the room because Pukey really got a good "BLLAAARRGGGG!!" out of him and Moaney's response to the situation was to mummble/moan about how he wanted some water really bad and he didn't want to stay here and blah... blah... blah. Moaney was my least favorite, and least Pukey was really givin'er at something.
I felt around in my mouth with my tongue and was confused to find a big lump of cotton or something jammed in there. After reciting the alphabet backwards to myself and counting the ceiling tiles to ensure that my brain had not been tampered with I was bored and I decided tghat enough was enough and I called over the woman and asked if I could get up. She finally agreed and I got to get up and sit on a bed about 5 feet away. After some more mind numbing nothingness except for Pukey doing waht he did best and Moaney really getting on my nerves by complaining about everything and mumbling incoherently I was allowed to leave.
I was then taken home and found that I had lost some teeth. I ask you... what is this country coming to when you can be removed from your own home and be forced to pay exorbitant amounts for somebody to trick you and rip chunks of emnamel out of your skull?

What? What I ask??

That is all.
  4 forum posts