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Sexy/Not Sexy

Posted by cosmicfish on 2009-07-15 14:51:05
5 forum posts
Almost never sexy:

white guys with dreads that have turned into one giant dread
a ponytail in your goatee
more make-up and hair product than clothes
yes Paul, jeans with no ass pockets
hair that looks crunchy
wearing leggings as pants exception: exercise
riding a bike on the sidewalk
a whole Facebook album full of self-portraits
white leather loafers
'shorts' that end in the middle of your calf
poor grammar

Almost always sexy:

handle bar mustaches if not sexy than at least bad-ass
jeans that fit well
shirts that fit well the shoulder seam ending where your shoulder ends
being able to laugh at yourself
good posture
ignoring your cell phone during dinner
riding a bike
holding a fork properly
pouring a beer properly
dancing like no one is watching
a well-groomed bathing suit area
embracing your waistline/hairline/what ever instead of fighting it
white button ups
v neck t-shirts
being so awesome, it doesn't matter what your face looks like ie. Steve Buscemi
  5 forum posts