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Can we see details of civic workers deals?

Posted by Nerhael on 2009-07-23 12:44:28
7 forum posts
I heard an ad last night while driving home, was only half paying attention at first, so missed the lead part in terms of details, but it went something like:

Meet so and so, he works for the city, and was hired on [some kind of contract that somehow meant he didn't get any kind of pension?] and he's been planning on all his saved sick days to be his retirement fund so that he doesn't leave the work force to enter into borderline poverty.

It's just not fair to take those away from him.

Anyhow, something to that effect.

I can't believe that the city surely hasn't offered some kind of compromise on the sick day thing, along the lines of anyone that currently has some banked can keep those, but no new ones will carry forward. Or even "okay, anyone currently employed can carry this forward, anyone hired after his new contract is signed can no longer bank retirement day sick days as a bonus payout."

It just seems ludicrous that the city would do an all or nothing, and I want to know if this ad is purely bullshit, or if the city is being that fucking stupid.
  7 forum posts