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Advice of the Day for August 10th, 2009!

Posted by phduffy on 2009-08-10 08:04:50

Going on a bachelor party? Well, if the groom has ONE female friend that he trusts, she can be very useful for getting pictures. If one of the guys goes up to the group of women and says that it's so and so's bachelor party, and can he get a picture with them, it's creepy. If a woman does, it's got a good chance to work! The lone woman at a bachelor party - the strategic choice. (Although note that someone at the party will make a comment about whether or not she's going to take her clothes off).

Women - I don't think you need to bring a dude to the bachelorette party, you can get what you want without it.

Quote of the Day:
While talking to a woman about the 5 celebrities on the list...

"Wait, Shia LeBeouf but not Clive Owen? LeBeouf would want you to fuck him, while Owen would fuck you, and you would love it"

Websites of the Day:
This will take two seconds - just read the name of this accounting firm:

Here's a scan of a letter a guy sent his gf when she tried to break up with him (assuming it's real, I'm not sure whether or not it is):