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Advice of the Day for August 14th, 2--0!

Posted by phduffy on 2009-08-14 08:24:45
5 forum posts

If you seem someone getting fucked over, say something! Don't wait until it's too late.

Quote of the Day:
Okay, so at a Cubs game last week, a fan tossed some beer on a player about to make a catch. This is an exchange that a 75 year old baseball fan I know had with his wife:

Him: Did I tell you about this nonsense? (Pointing at screen)

Her (peering at image): Who wears an undershirt in public?

Him: He threw a beer at one of the outfielders.

Her: Why is his hat so big?

HIm: Security grabbed the wrong guy.

Her: Why does he have sunglasses at a night game?

HIm: There is a big Internet manhunt to find him.

Her: Well, dressing like that I can understand why.

Websites of the Day:
Author John C Wright loses his mind and goes on an anti homosexual tirade, and somehow tries to justify it as being logical.

The next website is for people familiar with Neil Gaiman:

Read that, and imagine just how dumb DC Comics has to be.
  5 forum posts