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The Future of The Wolfshack

Posted by phduffy on 2003-12-11 17:00:00
8 forum posts
To the joy of many, the past few months have seen much more use on the Wolfshack.
However, to the dismay of many (if by many you mean at least 3) people, the quality of the commentary has gone down.

The discussion mainly revolves around this: if you're going to post something, please back it up. Don't just post that something pisses you off, post why, tell me why it's wrong, and show me how it can be improved.

Furthermore, this isn't the place to send birthday wishes, or ask about people's clothes, or even New Years. If you have something that is suited to email, keep it to email.

You'll notice two new categories on the Wolfshack.
Links is for when you just want to post a quick link to something that 's interesting. Feel free to add some discussion to it in your article.
H-Town is for articles that pertain to the goings on at home. This is an appropriate place to put email type stuff.

For now these two will be linked from the main page. However, they are kind of secondary, and may not stay there forever.

Finally, I would like to see something of a more regular posting schedule.

ie, Advice of the Day every weekday. New Movie review by Miguel on Thursdays, video game by baked potato on Sat, Mike's ramblins throughout the week, a post by nerheal every Monday, cosmicfish igniting controversy on Tuesday, a book or movie review by me on Weds, etc. This may not be realistic, but that's what I'd like to see.

  8 forum posts