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Everything for December 12, 2003

Posted by Mike on 2003-12-12 16:29:49
2 forum posts
Christams is coming. How can I tell? It's not the hustle and bustle and whatever, it's the salesmen coming to see me and give me stuff. So far today's haul was comprised of some chocolate covered almonds, a gift box of cheese, and a calendar which I have some ideas for.

MXC is quite possibly the most hilarious, titilating, fantabulous, funnylicious and therefore best telemavision show currently being broadcast anywhere that I am aware of. In fact I am willing to go so far as to say that it is funnier than a big hat. Now watching people destroy themselves doing retarded things is quite possibly as good, if not better, than doing it yourself and when you compound that with the fact that there is dubbed irreverant naration involved the result is a degree of excellence in broadcasting that has not been seen since um... well perhaps it hasn't been seen. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge can be seen on Spike TV (formerly TNN, and The New TNN, and The First Network for Men) on Thursdays (it would seem) from 9:00 to 11:00. Tuen in and be horribly amused. Keep in mind that one of the major selling points is that repeats are still as amusing the second time, and the third time, and the fourth time. You know where to reach me for further questioning, and if you don't intend to watch it, or if you watch it an don't enjoy it I would encourage you to explain yourself because I can see no way that that would be possible. Well, I would imagine that some women may not enjoy it because for whatever reason things that I think would be enjoyed by all are often not enjoyed by some women.

Such is life, when you are right 90% of the time you are wrong 10% of the time, and usually about 40% of the 90% of the times that you are right you are just convinced that you are right and can't prove it using realistic facts. Bearing in mind of course that 85% of the 10% of the time that you are wrong you are actually convinced that you were misled in some way and therefore it is not your fault that you are wrong and should not ruly be considered wrong. There is also a 20% grey area where the issue that you are right/wrong about is so cloudy and has been discussed and twisted around so much that you can't tell what your origional argument was. This grey area is automatically considered to be part of the you being right percentage exept for 15% of the time. Facts are fun.

It is with extreme and copius resolve that I type this sentence which is actually filler, much like politicians when they speak endlessly about nothing and then somehow stop talking and people leave with the feeling that something has said/done, or that a question of great importance has been answered.

Now, I know I have talked about this before, possibly in the den, but this is a thought that I had once. A thought that was so curious that it has stuck with me for quite some time. You should stop reading now if you are deeply religious or believe that science is all bullshit, because this is not for you. Also for the anyone who wants to call me on it some of the things that I take to be facts may just be something that I imagined that I read/learned somewhere. Now we know that the universe is mostly comprised of empty space. We also know that matter on a sub-atomic level is mostly comprised of empty space. We know that atoms are made up of a large chunk of stuff in the middle with some smaller chunks of stuff flying around it. We know that suns or planets are made up of a large chunk of stuff in the middle with some smaller chunks floating around it. Now is the part where it gets confusing. As far as I know we have no real idea what EXACTLY an atom looks like because the elctrons are spinning to fast to see through them and look into the atom's core (this is the real part where I think I am correct, see two paragraphs ago). So when I throw in the idea of infinity (hold onto your hat here) this is what I think MIGHT be a possibility. I am not saying that I have any kind of deep belief in this, I am just saying that it MIGHT be a possibility. The universe is all matter which exists in a larger universe (some kind of a super-universe). Think of the universe as a handful of dirt lets's say its a silty-sand trace clay just for fun. Galaxies are like the grains of dirt (man, my soild teacher would have my head for calling it dirt, but that's what it is in general terms). Solar systems are like molecules, and planets are like atoms. I have actually confused even myself on this because I am not sure whether to think of solar systems as atoms or as molecules, but the principle of what I am saying is the same. Now here on Earth (thought of as eiter an electron or and atom, whtever tickles you fancy) there is a handful of dirt somewhere. That's not a handful of dirt, it a universe. Remeber that the dirt is just an analogy, worms travelling through it are still matter, dirt is the analogy I am using for all of matter. Now the hanful of dirt I origionally spoke of exists inside of a universe, which is also a lump of dirt which exists inside a universe, which is also a lump of dirt which exists inside a universe. I think you get the drift, INFINITY.

A mind is a terrible thing to unleash on the world.

"One of these days BANG ZOOM!! Stright to the third moon of Omacron Persiai 8!!" (something like that anyway)
-Big Alien Guy who has a name that I dont know on Futurama.

I had my heart set on using my favorite quote, but I forgot it about 10 months ago and can't remeber enough to piece it together. It was by Bugs Bunny and I think it involoved the moon. I know what you are all thinking and it isn't stupid, it's actually quite profound. If anyone can remember it for me and let me know I would be most appreciative.

Hmm, perhaps it is time to stop. Yes, it is, it's time to go home. But not all the way back home (to H-Town), damn weather. But I like snow because it is next to impossible to hurt yourself when there is lots of snow. In fact I probably owe my life to snow at least a dozen times over by now. Yeah, too bad there aren't any really big hills that get lots of snow here. There is nothing quite like tossing youself down a big snow covered hill. Man I hate Kitcheners succkiness for snow. I'll have my revenge though, Kitchener won't know when or where, and probably not even why, but I'll have my revenge for it's lack of snowy excellence.
  2 forum posts