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Advice of the Day for January 15th, 2010!

Posted by phduffy on 2010-01-15 10:45:14
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This is from a friend, and is not in the usual advice format, but I think you can take the important stuff out of it:

I think people who are so focused on the good job, good degree, nice house, etc. get so damn caught up in the end zone they lose sight of the first down markers. People are unnecessarily unhappy.

Enjoy the ride people. There is a ton of joy in everyday life, in individual moments, in a shared laugh with a friend, or a coworker, in the lounge.

So if a kid doesnít get into the electrical engineering program, #### it. do something else. So you donít have a 5 bedroom house when you are 35, thats ok. You make the best with what you got.

Because life is hard, and if donít try to enjoy it, you wonít.

Websites of the Day:
El Bulli is considered by many the best restaurant in the world. It is hard to get reservations. They are accepting applications through mid January here:

Allegedly an example of why men shouldn't write advcie columns. Well, a joke about it anyways:

Someone who keeps a deer as a pet:
  2 forum posts