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Christmas Time is Here Again...

Posted by phduffy on 2003-12-14 12:16:58
3 forum posts
I thought that I'd already posted this article, but I don't seem to be able to find it.

Here's the question. It's Christmas time. Now, this is awesome.

However, it also means that you have to figure out... just what do I buy everyone?
What do I want myself?

Because, you could say that you have everything that you need... however, that ensures that you get presents that you don't really want.

So, when it comes to Parents here are some suggestions:
If it's for a dad, consider golf. Golf Balls, golf calendars, golf tees... etc.
Moms can be harder, but candles are always a good default. Sometimes you can pull off flowers as well.
And don't forget about DVDs. Buying DVDs is the hip and cool thing to do. So convince your parents that they're hip and cool by buying them DVDs.
Oh yeah, we did that for my dad one year, and he didn't have a DVD player, so that made him go out and buy one. Which was cool.

Siblings: I don't have any female siblings, so I'm not much help here... I think clothes would probably be allright.
When it comes to brothers or brothers in laws, consider booze, drinking chess, or maybe a video game.

For yourself: This is where the problem is coming. I guess you could go for video games, MP3 players.... PS2's were on sale for 200 bucks at Zellers yesterday... but I don't really want any of those things. So what's a nice medium/big ticket item to ask for for Xmas? Boxer briefs are always usefull, but there fo damn sure better be more than just boxer briefs under the tree. THere's books, but you can only get so many books.

So, my question for you, people of earth, is:
What do I ask for for Xmas?
  3 forum posts