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How do we save the World?

Posted by phduffy on 2003-12-16 22:07:37
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I think that alot of people like the world we live in, but that it could be better. How do we make it a better world? Sometimes it seems like doing everything right is so hard and conflicting that it's impossible to know what to do. Well here's my suggestion:

Pick 3 things about your life, and change them so that the world is better. How do you pick the things? Well, I'd suggest pick one thing that's only a tiny, minor inconvenience. Pick something that's a little bit more akward, and then something that actually makes somewhat of a difference in how you live your life.

Here's the 3 I picked:

1: Don't eat veal. This is a pretty easy thing to do, I mean how many times in a year would you eat veal, once, twice maybe?
The reason I'm not eating veal is because veal are raised in pretty crappy conditions. Now, this is a bit of a slippery slope, because if you don't like the way veal is raised, you might have reservations about pork. And pork leads to chicken... and beef is actually decent, until the part where you kill the cow. I have no problems with slaughterting animals, I just wish that we could be nice about it. For now I will just not eat veal.

2. Don't ever drive an SUV or a truck. In honesty, this is probably pretty easy too. I wouldn't be buying a car for years, and why would I buy one of them? Maybe if I had kids, but I'll settle for the van.
Now, why shouldn't you buy an SUV? I went into the arguments in cosmic fish's first post about the environment, but here's the basic reason:
SUV's and truck are held to a different standards of fuel economy than cars for nonsensical historical reasons. Even though the car manufacturers can generate engines that would meet higher standards, they are not legally required to do so, and they don't.
Another reason is because SUVs and Truck are the most likely cars to kill someone else if you're in an accident, again, because they're held to different standards. Also, passengers and drivers in SUVs are the second most likely to die in an accident.

3. I don't shop at Walmart.
Basically I don't like how much pressure Walmart puts on its suppliers, and the recent revelations about them using illegal aliens and paying them dick all don't help. Now, some people might say that not shopping at Walmart might be some kind of hippy stuff. Maybe it is. I look at it as a form of Capitalism. If you don't like Capitalism, think of it as something else. :)

Now, upon looking at my list, none of that is hard, and I'll bet some of you do that without even thinking about it.

What else can you do? Here's some suggestions:

Pick one country from Asia. Don't buy clothes/products from there. I'm talking about a sweatshop country obviously. It's probably not practical to only buy clothes from North America, or not from anywhere in Asia. So, pick China, or Korea, or wherever, and no longer buy clothes from there. That might be a little work.

Another thing you can do is try to limit how much you use a car. This is harder to quantify though.

Every year at Christmas give money to the Salvation Army or Children's Aide, or whatever.

Anyone else have any suggestions? What do you do to help us out? What do you do? Can I steal it?
  4 forum posts