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Advice of the Day for APril 15th, 20101

Posted by phduffy on 2010-04-14 23:28:10

Even if something's going to be easy, you should still prepare for it. What's the worst that could happen? You're over prepared? Some people will pretend like that's a problem, but it's actually not. (NOTE: this is not the same as saying that you shouldn't take a break from studying, or not study the morning of your interview or whatever).

Websites of the Day:
This is awesome if you're a nerd - a guy created Star Wars toys if Star Wars was set in a Steampunk universe:
and, if it was set in a Samurai universe:

Like fiction?
Here's 5 free stories from Neil Gaiman

A bunch of insane NES accomplishments, including Ducktales (which was an awesome video game)

More major nerd alert:
So Adam Roberts is a British SF author who sometimes gets in trouble for bagging on other authors, or awards, or whatever. He decided to read the Wheel of Time. He's 5 books in so far... and he does not like it. HEre are the reviews:

Familiar with Justin Bieber? Well this site is lesbians who look like Justin Bieber

Quote of the Day:
Saw this online:
"I don't always eat cereal... but when I do, I eat Frosted Flakes" - the most interesting Tiger in the world.